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From a recent interview with Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream, Fire Emblem Warriors director Hiroya Usuda revealed some new info about the upcoming Switch and New 3DS exclusive hack n slash.

For the Switch version when docked, players can choose to drop resolution to 720p to push the frame rate up to 60 FPS for more fluid gameplay. Otherwise, it’s 1080p 30 FPS by default and the game is apparently built with that mode in mind. The New 3DS version will not have this feature so it’s safe to assume it will be 30 FPS only.

The game will also have a Casual mode (as is the norm with recent Fire Emblem titles) where you can revive lost team mates. However, once you select it, it cannot be changed back to Classic mode (which is the standard mode with permadeath spelling the end for a fallen character in battle).

Fire Emblem Warriors releases in fall of this year.

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