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2023 is the year when places are finally opening up. People aren’t afraid to be in the same room as each other, and summer finally feels like a season where you can got out and enjoy. So of course this year’s Fan Expo had over 100,000 people got through (and re-enter) its door this year. Here is a look at what made this event special.

Loads of Sneak Peek & Previews

Amazon and Fan Expo have had a good relationship in the past couple of years. In March, at Toronto Comic Con, we had the cast of The Boys gracing us with their presence, this time Amazon turned it up a notch by offering fans a sneak peak preview to the first episodes of the 2nd Season for Wheel Of Time. Someone had to keep reminding us that we can’t talk about it until the show actually released on the platform. But it was great, made it feel as of we are part of something special with treats and goodie bags. So all in all, I think it went really well, hope you are reading this Netflix. I want a Castelvania Nocturne Sneak Peak next time, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Speaking of Netflix, canvassing for the live action One Piece series was on full blast. From all accounts, the live action is pretty good and much better than the Bepop series, so maybe the Netflix guys are onto something. Paramount Studios also had a big presence at Fan Expo this year showcasing their shows and their new streaming service at the Paramount Lodge (a take I really liked TBH). Finally, Ahsoka, is the new big deal from Star Wars this year, and so Disney had a very novel booth at the show with memorabilia and artifacts from its rich history on display.

Strike and Show

This year’s Fan Expo happened at an interesting time for the industry. We are in the midst of a writer’s strike, with prominent figures joining the picket line each day. It a tricky time for a lot of celebrities and the same was reflected when people like Millie Bobby Brown skipped the event (not sure if that was the real reason but it felt more than a coincidence).

Having said that, the event still had its fair share of star dust. From screen actors like Charlie Cox, Jon Bernthal, Hayden Christensen, Zachary Levi to voice actors like Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka in the Disney Animated Series) and Shameik Moore (Miles Morales in Spideman Into The Spiderverse) to comic book legends like Frank Miller. Fan Expo offered fans a chance to meet their heroes and villains face to face and exchange a few stammer filled words. It will never being stop funny to me how a person who writes about pop culture on a regular basis come up stumps when he shakes hands with Frank Miller (I am not saying it wasn’t me).

Plus Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (Never Have I Ever) and Iman Vellani (Ms. Marvel) went full Ninja mode (pun intended) and attended the event as fans, and in cosplay no less.

Spiderman 2 & Gamepass

Not to be left behind, both Sony and Xbox were present at the event promoting their biggest assets. Sony & Playstation are getting into their final gear before Spiderman 2 hits shelves everywhere, and their booth offered a free comic and a photo opportunity with the 2 spidermen if the fans so desired. There was also this cool water magnet display thingy they had there, which is difficult to explain but looked awesome.

Xbox was of course promoting their Gamepass, and allowed gamers to check out their plethora of offerings on the builds at hands. Most of them played a game of Valiant, but my son wanted to try Minecraft, and just like that he played Minecraft all decked out in the most advanced gaming gear on the planet.

The Cosplay

Finally, the part everywhere is here for. Cosplay. Like always FanExpo was home to some amazing professional cosplayers, and some mind bending fan cosplays across the 4 days of the events. While all genres of the cosplay domain were well represented, if I had to pick I think the most popular ones were Star Wars, followed by Spiderman. My son who is finding his way into pop culture, decided that he was a Star Wars fans this time and refused to take a photo with anyone else, even Spiderman (who was his Halloween pick last year). Honestly though, cosplays keep the event fresh as there is something new to see every day, and it keeps you coming back.


So that was Fan Expo Toronto 2023. In so many words, and yet not enough to explain how fun, how big or how great the event is. Its something you have to see and experience for yourself, and no matter how many cosplay compilation you see online, its not the same thing as walking down an aisle with Dr. Who and the Green Goblin on either side of you checking out Lords Of The Ring statues, while sipping some Batman flavoured coffee. So if you missed out this time, make sure you find some time to be there next time. See you then.

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