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“Leave your current form, control your shadow, and embark on a deep, symbolic journey through the unknown depths of your mind in Repressed – an extraordinary game that addresses the challenging subject of how childhood impacts adulthood.”

Repressed is an upcoming puzzle-adventure game, with a unique minimalistic art style, that lets you explore your memories, in the form of a shadow. You embark on a journey inside your mind, finding answers to the questions that have bothered you for ages and navigating the maze which is called memory.

You play as the shadow of your own persona as you delve into your memories. The shadow needs light to exist, and darkness is its biggest enemy. Explore the space around you, build, solve puzzles, and control light to find the right path and discover your story.

The game is developed by an Indie Polish studio Sigur Studio and is published by ARP Games.

Watch the trailer here:


Main Features:

  • Set off on an extraordinary, symbolic journey – stay open-minded, revisit your memories, but be warned that not all of them are worth remembering;
  • Experience the true meaning of “moving like a shadow” – forget all the rules of movement that other games have taught you, and try to look at the world around you from an entirely new perspective instead;
  • Collect pieces of your memory – try to rebuild the past from the scraps of memory buried deep in your mind;
  • Enjoy the unique graphic design – unusual graphics will help keep you immersed in this remarkable world while staying focused on exploring your memories;
  • See how real-life art can inspire game developers – an Etruscan sculpture – Ombra Della Sera and artists such as Adolphe Appia, Josef Svoboda, Yannis Kokkos, Frank Miller, and James Turrell inspired the creators of Repressed to bring this game to life;
  • Listen to a one-of-a-kind, disturbing yet addictive soundtrack – immerse yourself in the game world while listening to the unique soundtrack composed by Bogdan Mizerski.

Repressed hits Steam this September 26th. For more information follow the game’s official websiteTwitter, and Facebook.

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