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It seems like one can’t take a stroll these days without bumping into something that has Battle Royale written on it. Due to the immense popularity of the genre, we now see publisher giants like EA and Activision adapt BR to their flagship franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

While a Battle Royale is the last thing fans would want from a series like Doom, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun. Thanks to DSOG, we now know that modder ‘Bambamalicious’ has launched a small test server for Doom Royale with Cheese. This server is live for the next couple of days and players can join in on this upcoming battle royale mode.

Like all the other Battle Royales out there, players will scavenge for weapons and power-ups, and try to be the last man standing to win the Royale with Cheese. The server will be running 8 bots to keep the game going, although the modder warns that aren’t the most clever things. Bambamalicious will be offering a custom huge map that is based on Doom’s original levels from Episode One. The modder is still working on the map in order to further tweak it and squash any bugs.

“To find the server, use the wads in the zip file attached, and then search for “Doom Royale – Test Server” in Doomseeker, or add the custom server address game.retrodex.co.uk. Do note that you will need Zandronum 3.0, and a copy of doom2.wad.”

If you feel like it’s worth playing, Bamablicious has set up a donation button to help him run the servers and fully develop the mod.

Is there something modders cannot do?

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