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The fighting genre’s biggest event Evo (Evolution Championship Series) has released the number of their entrants for this year and surprise, surprise! Dragon Ball Fighter Z has replaced Street fighter 5 as the game with the most number of participants.

Dragon Ball FighterZ wins out with 2,530 entrants registered to compete, compared against the 2,421 registered for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Talk about close encounters, eh? There is a small chance that the number might move around a bit due to registrations re-opining due to some confusion regarding the cut-off time.

Still, even if the numbers shift, the close player count reported by Evo boss Joey Cuellar are significant. SRK Stats provides a running tally for previous years, and this is the first time since SF4 the series has even been challenged. SF5 saw 2,622 entrants last year against Super Smash Bros. for Wii U’s 1,515 in second place. The closest top two was back 2015, when an aging Street Fighter 4 saw 2,236 entrants against Smash 4’s 1,929.

It’a also worth noting that this is the first Evo without a Marvel fighting game in its line-up. We all know why that happened *cough* Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite *cough*

Credit: PCgamesN

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