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Playing Wii and Gamecube titles on the phone is now easier and better than ever! One of the most popular emulators – Dolphin, has made some serious overhauls for the Android community. If you want to play your old Gamecube and Wii titles on the go, Dolphin is the app to download! While the emulator is quite stable with its current PC versions, the Android scene has been far from desired. But that is about to change as Dolphin has made some promising updates with their recent Android update – thanks to in-game tweakable options and disc compression.

While the storage space issue on Android phones was already tackled by the introduction of RVZ ROM formats, the conversion of .iso files to RVZ could only be done through a desktop computer. Thanks to developer JosJuice, disc compression or conversion is now in the palm of your hands: you can do all the necessary conversion on your phone, on the go.

Disc compression/conversion, now in the palm of your hand!

Another major update has been the in-game tweakable options for the Android. As per Dolphin’s latest blog post, “The biggest change is that you can now directly change settings while emulation is running, much like Dolphin’s desktop interface. This finally allows Android users to try things like pushing the resolution to see how high it can go before it affects performance, or quickly enabling/disabling hacks to try to find the perfect balance, all without stopping emulation!”

This feature will be usable in non-touch Android devices like Chromebooks as well, thanks to developers Ebola16 and JosJuice, who have put in a ton of work in improving the Android GUI and made some other notable changes. To know more about the recent update, check out Dolphin’s latest blog-post.

If your Wii and GameCube discs have been collecting dust, maybe now is the time to pick them back up! As for me, I am diving back into 2002’s classic The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker right away! You can download Dolphin for Android from Google Play Store or ApkMirror.

Consider yourself a patron of retro games? Tell us which game you would love to get back to in the comments section below!

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