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You can now get a taste of Destiny without having to actually buy it. Destiny, the first person shooter by Bungie and Activision will now be available on a trial bases for the PS4, the PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Players can download the 20GB or the 6GB demo on their current-gen or last-gen consoles respectively from the PSN and/or Xbox Live. The demo will offer the Earth story, strike and patrol missions.destiny

If you are playing the trial on a current gen console, and if you wish to upgrade to the full game, then Activision assures you that you’ll be able to do so digitally and carry your character over to the full game with no extra download required.

Gamers on last gen consoles however, will have to buy the game separately either online or through retail to upgrade to the full version.

They have however not defined/announced any level cap on trial players.

Destiny has already become the most successful new I.P. ever launched, and has some staggering numbers. Gamers have praised Destiny for its sharp gun-play and mechanics. You can check out the review right here. The trial seems to be targeted at cynical gamers who haven’t been convinced enough to buy in to the hype.

Currently, Destiny is in the process of hosting the next Iron Banner event for the game; so it might be interesting if releasing a demo would increase the participation in the event.

What do you make of Destiny. Have you played it? Did you like it? If you haven’t will you give the trial a go?

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