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Season 4 of Destiny 2, which coincided with the release of The Forsaken DLC finally ended this Tuesday. Ushering in the new season for the game, coined the Season Of The Forge, and heralding the coming of the next wave of content for the game, The Black Armory.

Bungie, the team behind Destiny 2, shared their road-map for the game in the coming years in a video, which you can check out below.

Some of the important take away from the video is:

  1. Your Crucible, Vanguard and Gambit rank will be reset (Duh!).
  2. Pinnacle weapon quests, which were initially limited to Crucible, will now also include Vanguard and Gambit mode. So players can now pursue 3 Pinnacle Quests throughout the duration of the season.
  3. Light Level limit will be increased to 650 for this season. It will now increase by 50, with every season in the future.
  4. Black Armory, content will be available to all Destiny 2 Annual Pass Owners from the 4th of December. Check picture below for all the content rollout dates.
  5. Lower Load Times when traveling to the Tower on the consoles. Now we really want this one.

What do you think of the new content coming out to Destiny 2? Are you going to return to the Tower? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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