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After revealing the trailer at Microsoft’s press conference, CDPR has revealed more info about their highly anticipated title, Cyberpunk 2077, in the press release we received.

First of all, Cyberpunk 2077 will be a first-person perspective “narrative-driven role-playing game” set in the world of the classic pen & paper RPG system — Cyberpunk 2020. While talking to GameSpot, the devs said that they’ve spent a lot of time creating the detailed world in the game’s Night City – “the most violent and dangerous metropolis of the corporate-ruled future”. They want it to be immersive and at the same time have the player feel the depression of mega corporations stamping down the life’s of people, and thus, a first-person perspective would suit the theme better.

CD Projekt Red emphasized that it is a role-playing game with some shooter elements, instead of a shooter game with RPG elements. It has multiple “deep progression systems” with skills, attributes, and perks. Player’s take on the role of V, a fully custom-made character, who is an urban mercenary Hired Gun. The missions involve the players freeing themselves from the state, and “defining their own rules”.

Speaking of which, the devs revealed that the game will boast a full-fledged character creation system, giving you the freedom to choose your gender, facial attributes, body types, tattoos and stuff. There are a lot of different roles in the game which players can pick up. However, players won’t be choosing a specific class at the start of the game, instead, as the players progress “you’ll be modifying and adjusting your class based on the attributes, perks” and several other stuff. The players can also define the character’s backstory – called Life Path – which can “modify or unlock” different things.

When asked about the influence behind the game’s Night City, the devs said that they created a cyberpunk atmosphere during the daytime to give an atmospheric noir feeling that people get from Blade Runner. They assured people that the game will definitely give Blade Runner vibes.

Furthermore, the game will have a full day/night cycle, a weather system and a Neon cityscape that people are looking forward to. When asked about what lessons they’ve learned from the company’s critically acclaimed The Witcher 3, they said they’ll be looking to replicate the immersion, detail and also the quest system which was present in Witcher 3. Moreover, they emphasized on the fact that the game is a role-playing game primarily, and not a shooter, so player’s choices will affect the story. They are not looking to build a save-the-world kinda story, but they will rather “have a story in the same vein as the Witcher 3”.

Further details can be found below:

  • Combat – Ranged combat and Melee combat.

  • Three main types of weapons – Power Weapons (heavy hitting/stagger), Tech Weapons (penetrating through cover), Smart Weapons (tracking/following).

  • Vehicles – Motorcycles, Cars, hinted at flying cars.

  • V is a fully voiced character, both in male and female.

  • V’s personality is shaped by the player. Backstory and interactions shape V’s personality.

  • Cyberpunk is a dark dystopia in the same vein as Witcher 3 being Dark Fantasy.

  • Details of the world – everything has a purpose. World design was a huge focus in setting the tone.

  • Night City – A fictional city in-between and inspired by San Franciso and LA.

  • 6 unique districts in the city. Each area has its own feel on top of the base Noir feel.

  • Witcher was horizontally huge, Cyberpunk is vertically huge.

  • You can enter buildings, Mega Buildings exist as well with multiple floors and multiple areas to explore within a single building.

  • No level scaling. Will have two forms of XP: Standard XP – gained by completing main missions and Street Cred – gained by doing side missions.

  • Higher Street Cred opens new exclusive vendors and fixers (new jobs).

  • No load screens.

A gameplay demo higlights leak, dropped more info about the game:

The full interview can be found below:



Source: Gamespot and Reddit.


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