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Cobx Gaming, one of India’s top esports company, announces their strategic partnership with PGL, an international esports company that is renowned to organise esports tournament globally. The brands will be working together towards the joint production and execution of the international events to be organised by Cobx Gaming. This marks the entry of India on the global esports map and the inclusion in the list of global esports venues.

This association of an Indian brand with a prominent international brand will prove to be a remarkable step for the Indian esports industry as now along with Indian companies, international companies too are foreseeing tremendous potential in this field. Thus, taking the Indian esports industry a step closer towards matching the international esports domain. It’s a matter of time until we would see India being one of the top countries in the gaming world.

Talking about the association Mr. Rajdip Gupta, Founder- Cobx Gaming stated, “We are excited to be working together and aim towards combining our e orts in realising events, to bring forth quality esports that deserves to be seen and experienced in all its greatness and intensity.”

While Silviu Stroie, CEO- PGL mentioned, “PGL’s reputation hinges on its commitment to bring fans around the world the best esports content. We know how passionate the Indian fanbase is and we aim to write our own page in the esports story of this part of the world. We can only hope we will live up the expectations that our partners at Cobx and the Indian community has for us.”

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