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Gaming and bundles are an integral part of the modern gaming environment, as we have seen from many game bundles on Steam and many foreign retailers bundling together different hardware parts together to give the consumer a great value for money. A few days I ago, I saw a video about Nvidia Gaming Upgrade Kits being sold in one of the European countries, but I gave little notice because I thought it was going to be a while before India got it. But Cezor has brought the gaming kits to India for those of you on a budget.

Let’s have a look at both the kits from a consumer’s standpoint

Note- I am assuming that the SSD will be from Kingston which is obvious from the photo

Upgrade Kit 1

Let’s talk about price first. It costs INR 23,500 and when a consumer buys all parts separately, it will cost about

– GTX 1050Ti: INR 14,500 (Zotac)
– CM 450 W PSU: INR 3188 (CM Thunder)
– 240 Kingston GB SSD: INR 5500 (UV 400)
– Game Code: NA

Total for 3 items- INR 21,388

Please take note that the above are Amazon prices and hence you might get them at a lower price in the local market. But taking the price of the game into consideration the  price will still bump up to the same in the end. As for the game, we got in touch with Cezor and they said that the game that they would be giving away would be worth INR 2000.

Upgrade Kit 2

The bundle cost here is INR 29,500, and when taken individually, it’ll cost

– GTX 1060 3 GB: INR 17,900 (Zotac)
– CM 500 W PSU: INR 4020 (Thunder)
– 240 Kingston GB SSD: INR 5500 (UV 400)
– Game Code: NA

Total for 3 items- INR 27,420

Again, Amazon prices were taken as a benchmark and we have not added the price of the game. Just as before the game code would probably be of a game that costs around 2000 INR.

If I am to be honest Upgrade Kit 1 looks more lucrative especially with the game. But anyways, I have laid out the different aspects of these upgrade kits. What do you thin k about the Upgrade Kits? Let us know in the comments below.

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