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Three…Two…One.. LET IT RIP!
The famous words fueled the childhood of every 90’s to early 20’s kids. From standing in long queues at the local stationery to collecting freebies from snacks to getting a brand new Beyblade to play with friends at a make-do water tank turned stadium. Those good days will forever be cherished. But why not again? Why let the dream die? Or introduce the younglings around you to the art of Beyblade, Presenting the Beyblade Burst QuadDrive Cosmic Vector Battle Set!

What’s in the Box?

Now, this is different from some regular collections of a Beyblade. Instead, you get to start with an entire set with a pair of beyblades, launcher, ripcord and the best of all – the battle stadium.

Starting with the tops, you get the best-in-line, fully customisable Beyblades. First, the Destruction Belfyre B7. This beautifully detailed top has a black tone that perfectly matches its silver armour and core+ customisations. The center frame perfectly signifies the villainous tone. The crown detailing feels like the perfect option for people with a heart for the antagonists practising the dark powers. Overall, the design will capture anyone’s heart at first sight. If you are interested in Beyblade, I challenge you to take your eyes off it!

In addition, the action goes double. A battle is incomplete without a rival. A perfect matching rival like the Magma Ifritor I7 perfectly balances the set, as all things should be. The red tone detailed with subtle blue and significant gold designs perfectly indicates a phoenix-like creature suitable enough to take on the Belfyre. The core customisation takes it to the next level, and there’s no way you want to miss out on the beauty of the Ifritor at maximum RPG on apex customisation.

You’ll get two ambidextrous launchers and sturdy rip cords with the tops. The ripcords back in the day were highly delicate and didn’t usually last long. However, the current ones are bound to give you full strength, allowing you to focus on gaining the maximum velocity.

And finally, the QuadDrive Cosmic Vector Beystadium. The orange stadium is as sturdy as it can get. The premium build allows it to stay put no matter how many Beyblades are thrown into the mix. The stadium’s detailed design makes the tops unpredictable, adding thrill.

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The Sparking Action

Going straight to the action, the experience of the entire set is fantastic. The sound of the metal cores clashing is just the cherry on top. The feature point of the entire product is the 4 in 1 customisable aspect to the top. However, it might be more challenging than it may look, especially for the kids. The core and the metal assembly do not easily fit together, and it may take 4-5 attempts before understanding the mechanism. The fixtures are often loose and only lock appropriately if you have experience doing it correctly. In that case, it might not even hold together before you deploy it on the battlefield.

However, if you manage to get it right, the customisation offers fantastic—features to suit your battle style perfectly. Adding a core weight will make your top sturdy and allow a circular attacking pattern. Instead, if you prefer speed, you will get more RPM crucial for a faster attack throwing the opponent off balance and toward the corners of the battle stadium.

I always have the setup ready at the corner of my room and take rounds with any of my friends who come over for a visit. The battle intensity of the battle indeed sparks joy on the faces of my friends, irrespective of their age.

Are you Battle Ready?

The Beyblade Burst QuadDrive Cosmic Vector Battle Set is undoubtedly a bang for the buck. The content and quality offered are everything you need and perfectly match the durability and longevity of the product. Although the instruction manual is as good as nothing, exploring the functionality and scope of customisation will be an adventure. If you have a sibling, this will be the perfect way to connect and start a new competition.

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