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Bear With Me Episode 2, much like Episode 1 is a cute little point and click adventure game, full of witty one-liners and funny references to pop culture. In fact I could practically copy paste the entire review from the last episode and people won’t notice. Which does not necessarily mean its a bad thing. Having more to do with Amber (the 10-year-old girl) and Ted E Bear (her trustworthy detective Teddy Bear) is a fun experience and would appeal to the crowd who liked the first game.

Bear With Me Episode 2 is a point and click adventure game, developed and published by Exordium Games. The game is the 2nd in an episodic series of 5 games, which is set to be released on 15th Feb 2017. The game is available on Steam and Humble Store for PC, MAC and Linux.

Bear With Me Episode 2

Detailed Review

(+) Like 1 Like 2

Like episode 1, Bear With Me Episode 2 continues its impressive story-telling ways. With Amber and Ted E hot on the heels of the mysterious RED, and in search of Amber’s lost brother; the duo has now entered Paper City. An imaginary city located in the home’s attic and inhabited by the different toys that the siblings have owned. From an old doll with a cracked face (Betty), to the soft shark plush (King), each toy has a place in the city and are waiting to be drawn into a conversation with you. The game also has multiple references to Batman, Iron Man, the Star Wars movie and the Alien franchise, just waiting for you to be discovered. It also breaks the fourth wall consistently, sometimes making it an effective device to further the plot.

On the characters front, both Amber and Ted E are excellently drawn out. Every character in the game has a history with either of them, and tiny references to that history are spread about in conversation tactfully, hinting at relationships but never becoming codex worthy. The toughness with which Ted E speaks in contrast to the fact that he is a cute plush teddy bear is fun, while Amber’s positive and always funny attitude makes you wonder if in the end the whole game will just turn out to be another game made up by the girl.

(-) Buggier than its predecessor

The 2nd episode though is not without its bugs. I reviewed a developmental build, so I give the game a few passes. However there were moments when the game froze up which were irritating. A more critical issue (which I hope gets fixed ASAP) is where the game advanced me to a later part of the game when I clicked on a hidden area, which made absolutely no sense. The problem is compounded by the fact there is just 1 autosave slot, which meant that I had to give up on a lot of progress when I reloaded my manual save.


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