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On April 1st, Sega/Platinum released a Bayonetta F2P game on Steam named 8 bit Bayonetta, and it seemed like the achievements pointed to a link on Sega’s site which had a countdown in front and Bayonetta’s iconic guns strapped to her legs in the background. The countdown ends today, IE, on 11th of April. From all this, it can be said that Sega is planning to bring it’s sassy and badass female character to PC and the current gen consoles.


The countdown was supposed to end at about 3 PM IST, but as I accessed the site at 3 PM, I saw that the timer had gone up to 5 hours 30 minutes left which means that the announcement has been delayed and will be available at 8:30 PM IST. We’ll keep you updated on this news as and when it is updated.

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