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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the fourth game in the mainline Ace Attorney series, is coming to Nintendo 3DS this November via the Nintendo eShop for just $19.99! For both long-time fans and greenhorn attorneys alike, enjoy Apollo’s early court cases with updated visuals and a fresh take on the series’ trademark courtroom battles and investigations.

Keeping with the spirit of the original release, the game’s artwork has been updated to take advantage of more modern screens, giving Apollo and the colorful cast of characters a crisp, clean look and detailed animations. With options to be able to quickly skip text, with Japanese and English versions coming in for the game which can be accessible from the menu screen, special care is always taken with the series’ localization, both in text and in the game’s art. See if you can find all the differences in the background art of this room from the Japanese version and English version, both included in this release




The loud lawyer’s journey has only just begun in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, coming to the Nintendo 3DS family of handhelds this November for $19.99! Can’t wait until then? You can always grab the original Ace Attorney Trilogy to catch up on earlier events, or see Apollo in action in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice to hold you over until November.

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