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The best way of getting publicity is by investing in advertising – there’s zero doubt about that. Getting streamers to showcase your brand is one of the best ways to boost numbers in the gaming industry. Antec India is doing exactly that, on a grand scale. They’ve put together quite a few big Youtube streamers for a big show throughout the week. The main idea is not only to boost the social image of Antec but also to encourage more gamers to come up and showcase their streaming/gaming skills. Antec India claims that they want to contribute to the community by encouraging more young talent to make a career out of streaming video games – and the Antec India Streamer Program is the best way to introduce capable streamers to the budding gaming scene.

The streaming program starts with a five-man lineup of Bloodline, MDisCrazy, Sikhwarrior, theGamersToys, Mackle. Streams run on the weekends starting next week from July 17. From the looks of it, Antec isn’t shying away from bringing the big guns into the fight – the streamer lineup onboarded in the first week for the streamer program looks really well designed. Simar ‘psy’ Sethi will also be joining the lineup momentarily. psy has played professional CSGO for quite some time as part of India’s top tier teams, and has quite a reputation among esports enthusiasts and other budding gamers of the scene.

“The idea is to bring India’s Top Streamers onboard and give them the opportunity to show their streaming/gaming skills to the Indian Gaming Community and thereby encouraging more young talents to grow this community. We help them to achieve their dreams of making a career out of streaming like many International Streamers and would support them by joining the Antec Streamer Program. This is a start and we hope to add many more streamers in the coming future.”

Here’s to hoping brands continue to help grow the gaming scene as much as possible by providing meaningful ways of engagement.

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