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The cost of PC components is one of the prime reasons gaming in this country isn’t progressing as fast as it should be. If you can’t experience the latest titles that everyone is playing at a decent framerate with decent visual settings, then it’s not worth it. With the recent mining surge as well as certain industrial crises around the world, the prices of memory as well as graphics cards are on the rise. It is exactly the time to purchase pre-builts, and many companies have come up with decent ones at decent prices for the Indian gamers, who are extremely budget-conscious.

ANT PC is one of the premier companies, delivering rigs for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from gaming to video editing to rendering to servers.  When everyone is busy searching for better prices at the various retailers across the country,or just waiting for prices to come down so that they can upgrade, companies like ANT PC are busy delivering stuff at the best prices to their customers, ensuring they can still buy the PCs required to play the latest games (or just CSGO and PUBG, because that’s what most gamers buying these rigs are going to end up playing anyways).

The rig advertised for is sure to attract all budget gamers out there. It is built with a 1050Ti 4GB, with the Core i5 8400, an Intel B360 motherboard, 8GB DDR4 of RAM along with a 120GB SSD and a 7200 RPM 1 TB HDD. All of this, for only 50,000 INR! That’s a bang for the buck PC! Considering current prices of parts from major retailers, the rig is an excellent deal for the ones venturing into PC gaming, or ones who want to play games, but do not have the resources for an enthusiast build.

At the time of writing, ANT PC states on their page that “only 50 units” are available for order. While more should come if the demand remains high, this is definitely not an offer one can afford to miss,especially if one has the cash lying around.

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