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Firaxis has a good track record of releasing expansions for their games that totally overhauls their games. Their critically acclaimed turned based tactics game XCOM 2 did receive an excellent expansion in the form of War of the Chosen that overhauled the game in the same way Enemy Within did for the XCOM: Enemy Unknown reboot.

It seems like the aliens will be making another move in the already crippling world of XCOM 2 through another expansion. Fans have spotted that Firaxis seems to be working on something XCOM 2 related, and going by Steam Database they’ve opened a new DLC entry for the game – suggesting a new expansion for XCOM 2 may be on the way.  Reddit user mazisky has spotted that the DLC entry in Steam Database is nicknamed “TLE”, which can be anything from ‘The Latest Expansion’ to ‘The Last Engagement’ to ‘The Longest Erec-xpansion’? Beats us….

Stay tuned for more information.

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