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AMD , a proud sponsor of the DOTA 2 team Evil Geniuses, shows off what their Ryzen processors are capable of, especially while facing daily life challenges like multitasking. If you’re a streamer, you would know the pain of having a weak PC. Alt-tabbing back to Twitch to check and moderate the comments section, and back to the game, and see you’re dead only because of a microsecond’s difference? This affects a streamer’s reputation, especially when he is a professional player and earns his dough by playing the game. Ryzen is, apparently, the perfect product for people like these, says Ludwig “zai” Wahlberg, and Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora of Evil Geniuses.

Both players think that it is important for a processor to be able to handle  the pressure, especially when one needs to have multiple programs running in the background. “It is nice having a processor which can run multiple things at once” , as Saahil comments, especially when you have to entertain your followers by running music in the background, while running the game, which would ideally cause framerate drops with processors of the past.

Ryzen is a cheap way for gamers to get into broadcasting their gameplay live, which especially matters for people like Saahil and Ludwig, as they have to frequently run multiple programs at once, and having a processor that can handle the pressure of the broadcasting software in addition to the additional programs running in the background is like a dream come true, though it “hasn’t always been that way” as Saahil points out. With a top end rig powered by AMD Ryzen that handles the problem of sloppy framerates, the team is back on its tracks.

Those interested can check the trailer here :

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