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We have to say, 2018 is one of those years, where gamers all around the world got to experience a wide array of stuff from the industry. Gamers were spellbound after witnessing multiple AAA titles along with the e-sport title which took the esports industry by storm, Player Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG).

Unfortunately, everyone does not have a “Gaming PC” at home with high-end specifications which is capable to run these games at decent frame rates. If you are one of them, don’t worry, Zone Cafe has got you covered. 

On November 10th, Starcomp and XRIG launched a brand new gaming cafe at 9 Elgin Road, Kolkata, known as the Zone Cafe. This cafe is made to provide a one of a kind experience to all gamers alike.

They invited gamers all over Kolkata, to try out the experience they are offering for free. The meetup also included multiple events such as a gaming trivia, a PUBG Tournament, a FIFA 1v1 Tournament as well as a Dragon Ball Fighter Z 1v1 competition.

The Zone Cafe is powered by XRIG and AORUS and it is an “Ultimate” certified cafe by AORUS. It is the biggest cafe in East India featuring over 40+ high-end gaming PCs and 4 PS4s in a separate room for the console gamers. There are around 30 PCs with the GTX 1060 graphics card powered by AORUS, an elevated stage featuring 12 esports PCs with GTX 1070 powered by XRIG and then comes the absolute beast, the 5 RTX 2080ti PCs, also powered by AORUS. They offer 70+ premium games to play on any of the PCs along with leading eSports titles like PUBG, CSGO, and Overwatch.

Coming to the rates, experiencing the PCs at the Zone Cafe starts from Rs 60/hour and goes up till Rs 150/hour. At a price of 60 INR, you will be getting to experience the 1060 PCs with Gigabyte K83 Keyboards. Moving up a little bit, you get the 1070 eSports PCs powered by XRIG and then the RTX 2080ti PCs at Rs 150/hour. Most of these PCs are equipped with 144 Hz monitors from LG whereas the RTX Range offers 34-inch ultrawide monitors. They also offer a separate console room providing PS4s at a rate of Rs 100/hour. The cafe is powered by Corsair T1 Chairs as well as the Aorus Gaming Chairs.

The Zone Cafe is also equipped with a dedicated cafeteria powered by Mintella where you can get delicious food to keep you energetic while playing on the powerful beasts. With these many facilities, the Zone Cafe delivers a cutting-edge experience in the world of gaming and ensures that gamers who don’t have a good enough PC can experience premium hardware at an affordable price as well.

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