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Team17 and One More Dream Studios have unveiled a new trailer showcasing the ancient power players can wield in Ageless, the upcoming puzzle platformer that utilises time manipulation. The new gameplay trailer shows how this power can be used to navigate the various levels, from manipulating the age of creatures to freezing time itself.

Features of Ageless

  • Multi-stage ageing for plants and animals: Age flora and fauna through various stages of their life cycle to solve the puzzles standing in your way.
  • Timeless platforming: Ageless uses the environment to produce intricate platforming challenges. While players can use living creatures to dash through the air, consuming the life force and de-ageing the plant or animal in the process.
  • Unique worlds: Each area has its own plants and animals to utilise, realised in a hand-drawn pixel art.
  • Mysterious collectables. Becoming ‘ageless’ allows players to see and collect optional hidden items that will only be accessible via intricate platforming challenges hidden throughout the levels.

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