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You can only wish for a friend like this, because ‘Cristian Tarau’ from France has made a breathtaking real-life Orlog set after investing over 150 hours in the creation.

I was usually surfing over the internet, catching up with the news until I came across Cristian’s post in a Facebook community group for Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed: Valhalla. Cristian made a mind-blowing set of the popular in-game board game ‘Orlog’ that many people came across through Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

His entire creation features everything that was in the actual game, including the square-cut dices, tokens, health gems, beautifully carved Godly Power Cards, and even the dice holder, decorated with a rune symbol. And what makes Cristian’s creation unique, is the big chest illustrated with the Assassins Logo along with a big text ‘ORLOG’. Lastly, for the cherry on the top, these carvings glow bright blue in the dark.

What Cristian Tarau has created is absolutely worth noticing. We reached out to Cristian who is a Photographer as he shared his views about his beautiful crafting. Cristian said ” Well It is a funny story. Me and my friend were playing AC: Valhalla and we both enjoyed Orlog in the game, this was back in March. In April is my friend’s birthday and I figured that it would be a nice present to make a real-life Orlog. The initial idea was to make it way more simpler than it turned out because I wanted to finish it by his birthday. But in the process of preparing the artwork I came up with a lot of ideas and it became a passion project so I just dove right in and here we are 2 months later, over 150 hours of work and an overly detailed real-life Orlog”.

We highly appreciate the efforts made by Cristian in making this mind-blowing project. SKAL!

Glowing Orlog Token
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