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After the main lineup and the PUBG squad, 2ez Gaming officially announces their Academy Squad! The Academy squad is made for training promising players, and ensuring success on all layers of Indian esports. The lineup announced includes :

1. Kedar ‘bb1’ Shinde 
2. Rayyan ‘F@Z#R’ Lambe
3. Abrar ‘tRiNity’ Khan
4. Reuben ‘Noisy’ Dsouza
5. Divyang ‘HellrockeR’ Shah
6. Harshvardhan ‘KuZuRi’ Panwar

The Academy squad made their debut in the ESL India Premiership Fall season starter cup, where they already were pushing the boundaries, scoring a 16-2 win against Team Dignity in Mirage. The Academy squad will be taking part in all major tournaments in the Indian esports scene.

It will take some time to channel the strengths of all the players, but the idea of making an Academy squad for allowing promising players to play under a prominent banner in Indian esports is commendable.



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