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Do you want something more from your visit to Las Vegas? If so, then you might just want to head off to the new esports arena that just opened in the Las Vegas strip. It’s a gamer’s paradise and you will love everything about it.

It’s the first esport arena in Las Vegas and is launched by three Chinese gaming companies. With an aim to have as many as ten esports arenas in five years, the 39,000 square foot space can hold massive events, including PC gaming, VR gaming, and even tournaments like Super Smash Bros.

Virtual Reality – The New Fun Way to Spend Time

An exciting and relatively new visual technology evolved is virtual reality. If you’re looking to experience gaming, VR is the way to go forward. And while you can buy your own VR device online, there is nothing like going to an esport arena that offers some serious VR play.

Setting up virtual reality booths in conferences and events has become the new trend. It is gaining popularity day by day and is now used by almost all event management groups. Taking the combination of virtual reality with portable wired technology further might be the future demeanor of meetings and event management industry.

As for esport arenas, it’s a good way to play your favourite games, whether you are an avid gamer or not. And with this new arena, you can experience VR gaming like no other. Let’s take a look at all of it below.

The 1st Esport Arena in Las Vegas

The esport arena opened just a couple of months back in March 22, and has all that a gamer needs, from as many as 24 cameras to a good two storey LED TV wall, a perfect delight for gamers. You also have a good many PC gaming stations, and for VR gaming, Virtuix Omni machines.

If you would rather head back to the 1980’s, you could try your hands at games like PacMan with free retro gaming.

And if you want to bet, you have the Smash Bros. tournament to bet as many as $25,000 on the table.

Plus, to add to the flavour, you even have a gamer themed menu, from one chef José Andrés, who is a popular gamer himself.

No reason to fret even if you only play games occasionally. The place is perfect for everybody, including non-gamers. And you will have it pretty cheap too – all you need to do is to buy an all-you-can-play gaming pass for $25.

And while it’s the first esport arena in Las Vegas, the trend of esport arenas is already on the rise. You already have ones like the new LA area Overwatch arena and the Allied Esports sibling spaces in Orange County. There is another that has opened just recently in Oakland. Compare this trend with even a few years back, where nobody could have imagined that esport arenas would do as good. We have witnessed an exponential growth in eSports, and consequently, it has led to the growth of eSports arenas, gaming arenas which people thought wouldn’t perform well, but, it’s a different case altogether now.

Today, it is one of the most exciting places you can visit! When are you planning a visit yet?

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