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GOQii and nCore, the creators of the upcoming Indian-made mobile game Fau-G has issued a statement regarding the conspiracy theories surrounding the development of the controversial game. They have filed a court case to put a stop to the gaslighting of baseless rumors and accusations. The Bombay City Civil Court has thus passed an interim order against false and defamatory tweets and videos on social media against the developers, promoters and the publisher of Fau-G.

The press release reads:

“With great relief and happiness we, GOQii  and nCore , notify the public at large that the Hon`ble Bombay City  Civil Court has today passed an interim Order against all the miscreants /anti-social elements who have been disseminating false and defamatory tweets, videos and messages on various social media platforms that Fearless And United Guards FAU-G  Game  and GOQii Smart Vital wearable with integrated SPO2, which is being used for Covid-19 remote health management was conceptualized by Late Actor Shri. Sushant Singh Rajput and circulating various baseless conspiracy theories/ fake news around it.

By an interim Order passed today, all such miscreants/ anti-social elements have been restrained by the Court from posting and re-posting tweets, sharing posts, sending messages and videos on various social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or any other social media platform. Further, Facebook and Youtube have been directed by the Court to communicate the Order passed today to their concerned/competent authorities in India /abroad and report compliance to the Court. Twitter, Google and LinkedIn have made a statement before the Court that they shall communicate the Order passed today to their competent authorities to ensure compliance. 

We will be prosecuting such miscreants/ anti-social elements in furtherance of the criminal complaint already filed before the law enforcement authorities. 

Therefore, if any miscreant /anti-social element disseminates any false and defamatory tweets, videos and/or messages on any social media platforms against GOQii Technologies Private Limited, Studio nCore Private Limited, Mr. Vishal Gondal, Mr. Akshay Kumar or against our directors, investors, employees or representatives, they shall be liable for committing contempt of Court.

We thank the Judiciary and our Advocates, Vertices Partners, for all the effort and the support we received from them in these trying times and to successfully represent us.”

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