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Publishing Rights for Alan Wake Reverts to Remedy Entertainment

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Finally, there is some good news for Alan Wake fans. Remedy Entertainment, the Finnish studio responsible for the narrative-driven psychological horror game has revealed that they have received 2.5 million euros of one-time royalty income from previously released games. Great news for the criminally underrated devs but there’s more! The cherry on top is that Remedy was able to secure publishing rights to Alan Wake which was previously owned by Microsoft.

While Remedy did own the Alan Wake IP, the lack of publishing rights meant that they could not develop sequels or other games in the universe without the consent of Microsoft. Now that the publishing rights are back to its home, we may see an Alan Wake 2 sometime in the future (especially since Remedy was always keen on a sequel.)

In the meantime, we wish the developers all the best with their upcoming sci-fi adventure, CONTROL.

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